Walking Around

Some of my characters showing work perfectly with Torque3d's stock animations, among over a thousand 3d objects purchased or created by me and converted to Torque3d's engine.

Don't believe what they write on programming forums.

Many things are mystified to appear more difficult than they really are.

Torque3d has limitations, but you have the source code to modify at your leisure. Clean C++, extremely well commented. MIT License. If you are a real programmer, no excuses.

Next step to finish, my own optimized PBR material, in testing phase.

The work may seem bigger than in AAA engines, but it pays off. You are in control of everything. The result is very close, with a fraction of the resources allocated by the "big ones". Games run on equipment with limited resources and can take advantage of advanced hardware. And it has lan and multiplayer built in by default, just use it.